Buy beautiful artificial plants in London. Many people prefer artificial plants for their garden, because these need low maintenance. Not just that, but stores in London are offering lot more options in these silk plants and flowers which is simply hard to refuse. From flower bouquets to many different types of potted plants, all of them are made from top quality materials, which, at times, make them look even better than the real ones.

Artificial Plants

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Amazon Artificial Plants

Amazon, one of the biggest online marketplace of the world has the inventory to render your home decor, both outdoor and indoor, the perfect finishing. If you are looking for artificial plants to add finesse to your kitchen or balcony, dont ...

IKEA Artificial Plants

6 Glover Dr, London, N18 3HF, United Kingdom
You know what are as good as real plants? Artificial plants, of course! And if you are getting as many amazing options as Ikea is offering, artificial plants become a better option. Ikea is one of the world’s leading retailers, hugely pop ...

Fake Landscape

London, United Kingdom
A London based business, Fake Landscape offers the best of artificial plants. Their collection of faux flowers includes many different varieties, like wild rose, floating water lilies, small tulip buds and contemporary table-top vases; whil ...

John Lewis Artificial Plants

300 Oxford St, London W1A 1EX, united kingdom
John Lewis offers a large variety in all their products; so it is no surprise that their stock of artificial plants is equally huge. It includes many different types of plants and flowers like rose bunch, wild daisy arrangement, white jewel ...

Chelsea Gardener Artificial Plants

2 Dovehouse St, Chelsea, London SW3 6LA, United Kingdom
Chelsea Gardener is one of the leading names in gardening industry of London. Not only do they offer the best range of real plants, but their collection of artificial plants is amazing too. It includes many different types of trees and flow ...