There was a time when options in garden pots were strictly limited to light brown clay. But today leading names in gardening industry of London are offering plenty of options to their customers. From with different shapes to several styles, these pots guarantee to look amazing in your garden or indoor. Plus they are coming in various solid colours, which add the flavour of fanciness to their overall traditional look.

Garden Pots

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Amazon Garden Pots

Throw away all those dull and outdated garden pots and spice up your outdoor with fresh and beautiful varieties. Amazon, UK’s favourite online store is offering a large collection of garden pots in many classic and modern varieties. From ...

IKEA Garden Pots

6 Glover Dr, London N18 3HF, United Kingdom
If you are looking for beautiful garden pots, departmental store of Ikea in London can satisfy you with utmost efficiency. They offer a range of plant containers, made from top manufacturers, in large varieties. From beautiful clay pots to ...

Passion For Pots

London, United Kingdom
Passion For Pots is one of the leading designer and supplier of garden pots in UK. They offer some magnificent looking indoor and outdoor plant containers in many different traditional and contemporary styles. Plus they use different materi ...

Howard Sanderson Garden Pots

27C Eccleston Square, Pimlico, London, SW1V 1NZ, United Kingdom
Offering different styles of flower pots in large number, Howard Sanderson Gardening has become one of the favourite places for all the planter buyers in London. Their collection includes various styles like Italianate terracotta, contempor ...

Dulwich Pots

12B Red Post Hill, London SE21 7BX, United Kingdom
Famous for their top quality seeds and plants across London, Dulwich Pots also offer a beautiful collection of flower pots. They stock many different ranges of these containers with large variation. So whether you want a large corten steel ...

The Red Mud Hut

92 Columbia Rd, London, E2 7QB, United Kingdom
The Red Mud Hut, a London based gardening company, offers the largest range of flower pots. Their collection is just too big which leaves all their competitors far behind. From different shapes like cylinder, cone and egg to different types ...

Primrose Garden Pots

40 Portman Rd, Reading, Reading RG30 1JG, United Kingdom
Primrose is one of the most renowned names in the gardening industry of UK, who offer all the possible garden accessories. But it is their garden pots collection that is out standing and customers’ favourites. With quick and efficient del ...

Homebase Pots

255 Finchley Rd, London NW3 6LU, United Kingdom
Visit the website of Homebase, a prominent retailer of London, to look at their magnificent pieces of garden pots that you, too, can buy for your own garden or indoor. Their collection includes some of the most beautiful containers like Mes ...

Chelsea Gardener Pots

125 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NR, United Kingdom
Not only does Chelsea Gardener offer the best of outdoor furniture in London, but their collection of flower pots is equally amazing. They offer both indoor and outdoor pots, in large varieties, which give their customers ample of choices t ...